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Basic Information on UV Phototherapy

UV phototherapy is an established procedure, recognized for decades for the treatment of various skin diseases, particularly Psoriasis, Neurodermitis and Vitiligo. UV radiation affects the upper skin cells and, after repeated application, positively influences the immune system and the skin‘s regeneration behavior. Depending on the clinical picture, selected UV-spectral ranges (UV-B and UV-A) are applied, which in low strength are also present in natural sunlight.

Saalux® UV psor comb

The Saalux® UV comb is a modern and safe UV phototherapy device for professional use as well as for home therapy. Saalmann® used its decades of application and product experience to create Saalux® devices, which combine technical efficiency with safety and comfort features. For the short-term, but repeated, treatment of the skin with specific UV radiation, these are particularly important requirements.
The Saalux® UV comb is offered with two alternative radiation spectra: UV-B narrowband (311 nm) and UV-A1.

Keratolysis - vital dandruff removal before UV therapy

Plaques and scales are not merely a cosmetic problem, they absorbe the UV radiation and prevent the UV radiation from penetrating into the diseased skin layers. In case of extensive infestations, the removal of plaques and scales is therefore a vital procedure before starting the UV therapy. 

Saalux® Dandruff Solvent

The Saalux® dandruff solvent is based on a herbal combination of  ingredients and has proven in clinical practice for many years. The scales and plaques can be removed very efficiently, as a rule 1 to 2 applications are sufficient. At the same time, it is very easy to wash out. The innovative soft tip allows a clean and well-dosed application especially on the hairy scalp.



Further Information

For further information and useful hints on UV phototherapy please refer to the FAQs and links in the service section.