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Saalux® Dandruff Solution

For those afflicted, dandruff and plaques are not merely a cosmetic problem. The associated itching leads to scratching with subsequent injury to and infection of the already sensitive skin. The first requirement for the local treatment of a pathological formation of dandruff is to remove the scales as completely as possible. This is the only way for applied medication or phototherapy to fully take effect in the dandruff-forming skin layer.

Grape Seed Oil and Castor Oil as Vegetable Base

Saalux® Dandruff Solution is based on a combination of grape seed oil and castor oil which is characterized by an excellent creep behaviour into the intercellular spaces of scales and callus. The fatty acids strip scales and cell clusters.

Traditionally, grape seed oil and castor oil have been used as valuable cosmetic ingredients. Besides their scale-removing properties, both oils nourish and soothe the sensible skin. They have hydroscopic and anti-inflammatory properties and alleviate the itching. Moreover, the Saalux Dandruff Solution is made without any preservatives or fragrances.

Effective and clinically proven

For more than 15 years, the combination of plant-based ingredients used in Saalux Dandruff Solution has proven effective in the treatment of psoriasis patients. Here in particular, an effective and expeditious removal is essential in order to be able to promptly initiate proper local therapy. Usually, 1 to 2 applications are already sufficient. It is just as important to be able to just gently rinse it off easily once the required exposure time has passed.

The gentle Alternative to Salicylic Acid

Conventional dandruff solvents are based on the use of urea or salicylic acid in various concentrations. The most common side effects are burning and skin irritations. Moreover, excessive use or having impaired liver or kidney function can expose patients to the risk of intoxication. Hence, higher concentrations of active agents are frequently only approved for use in adults.

The Saalux® Dandruff Solution, on the other hand, facilitates a significantly more gentle removal of scales without these side effects and risks; it is suitable for patients of all ages.

Handy with Soft Tip Applicator and Refillable

The smooth, flexible applicator tip facilitates gentle and targeted dosing of the dandruff solvent to the hairy lesions – for an economical and clean application.

The Saalux® dandruff solution is available in a 75 ml bottle with a soft tip applicator and within a 200 ml refill bottle.

  • Characteristics
  • Usage
  • Key Ingredients
  • Where to source
  • Gentle - based on vegetable oils
  • Efficient - clinically proven and to be easily washed out
  • Handy and clean - with soft tip applicator
  • Content of bottle with a soft tip applicator: 75 ml
  • Content of refill bottle: 200 ml
  • Generous application for an effective treatment
  • Tight coverage of treated area (e.g. with a shower cap or cling film)
  • Leaving on the scalp for at least 3 hours or, better even, overnight
  • Washing out with a mild shampoo
  • As far as dandruff is removed, UV-phototherapy can be started
  • Usually 1 - 2 applications are sufficient
  • Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil
  • Ricinus Communis Seed Oil
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Tocopheroll
  • Phenylpropanol
  • (without any preservatives or fragrances)

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