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The Saalmann® Brand

Saalmann® has tradition – for many decades, the name Saalmann® has been recognized in the field of medical technology for pioneering spirit, product innovations, and patient wellbeing. We engage ourselves in UV-Phototherapy for dermatological diseases as well as Iontophoresis for the treatment of excessive transpiration. Besides the disorder itself, the affected persons frequently have to struggle with limitations in their social, professional, and personal lives.

Hence our slogan: understand the treatment and see the human..

Vanguard and pioneer

The name giver responsible for the success story of the Saalmann® brand is Gerhard Saalmann - one of the technical vanguards and pioneers of UV-Phototherapy. Since he himself suffered from psoriasis, he began to develop and test a first selective UV lamp independently at the end of the 1960s. Everything was done in a purely empirical manner and on his own skin. In 1972, for the first time, the so-called SUP®- therapy was successfully conducted within the scope of studies on a larger patient collective.

SUP - Milestone in UV phototherapy

In contrast to many other treatment methods, selective UV-Phototherapy (SUP®) facilitates healing of psoriatic lesions without the use of additional pharmaceuticals. The therapeutic efficiency of SUP® is based on the targeted selection of effective UV spectra which also occur as elements of natural sun light. The soothing power of sun light for psoriasis has been known for centuries. In contrast to sunlight, the SUP®- therapy allows significantly higher doses of spectral ranges by blocking undesirable ranges.

Saalmann products

  • 1974 Saalmann-SUP® – lamp for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris
  • 1983 Saalmann-PSOR-comb for the treatment of psoriasis on the head
  • 1984 Saalmann-SUP®-cabin
  • 1994 Saalmann-SAD-lamp for the treatment of seasonal affective disorders/depression
  • 1996 Saalmann-SUP®-D3 for vitamin D3-synthesis


Under the Saalmann® brand, Saalmann medical GmbH & Co. KG was founded and re-established in 2014. According to the Saalmann tradition, the company has set itself the goal of developing, producing and marketing innovative and user-friendly products for the benefit and safety of patients. The product portfolio includes medical devices for UV phototherapy as well as for electro-stimulation therapy.

Founding partners and managing directors of Saalmann medical GmbH & Co. KG are Dr. Rolf Eilers and Mathias Schnatwinkel, both with over 20 years of professional experience in medical technology and physical therapy.