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Saalio® for the Underarms

In around half of all afflicted persons, underarm sweating is particularly pronounced. Treatment is facilitated by tucking two (soaking) wet sponge pouches under the armpits. They are made of fleece and each contains a removable small silicon electrode. The sponge pouches moistened with tap water establish the electrical connection between electrode and skin.

Soft Silicone Electrodes

For axillary treatment, the softness of the synthetic material electrodes proves to be particularly advantageous. The pliable electrode with the surrounding sponge cloth can optimally adjust to the body contour of the armpits. This results in an even surface pressure of the sponge pouch and thus a homogenous distribution of the current density which in turn increases efficiency and safety of the treatment.

Skin-friendly Sponge Pouch

The two sponge pouches are made of renewable material, have good skin compatibility, are pleasantly soft, and their high cotton content makes them very durable. Moreover, they are machine washable up to 60° C. 

Saalio® AX Set

The Saalio® device is offered in a special AX-variant for axillary treatment. The device can be enhanced anytime by additional electrode accessories and also be used for other parts of the body.

You will find additional useful instructions for use in the FAQ section and in the user manual.

  • Features
  • Delivery
  • Where to source
  • Revocation
  • Free choice of treatment: direct current and pulsed current in one unit
  • Soft silicon electrodes adjust to the body contour
  • Electrodes with a proportion of highly conductive graphite, ideal for users who are allergic to metals 
  • Sponges made of natural materials free of coloring agents or preservatives
  • The absence of open electrode contacts ensures safer dealing with electricity
  • Wide range power adapter for traveling

Item name - Item No.

Saalio® AX (Underarms) - 07-01-000-07

1 control unit  
1 Set of silicone electrodes for armpits with sponge pads (1 pair)
2 electrode cables  
1 wide range power adapter  
1 textile bag
1 user manual 

Accessory Electrodes for Saalio® AX (Underarms)

  • Saalio® basin set for hands & feet (2 treatment basins, 2 silicone basin electrodes, 2 foam inserts, 1 textile bag) - 07-01-007-23
  • Saalio® face electrode - 07-01-007-28

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The therapeutic effect of the Saalio® device is slightly delayed (FAQ). The extended 4-week cancellation period affords every end-user sufficient time to verify success of this therapy for himself or herself and be convinced by the quality of the device. For additional information, we refer to our general terms and cancellation policy.