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Saalio® for the Hands

Excessive sweating of the hands is not only a problem when shaking hands. Due to the constant evaporation, the hands are often cold and clammy. Even grabbing slick objects becomes a challenge. 

To treat the hands, place them in the basins filled with tap water. The water should be filled to a level that moistens the fingers to about 1/3. After the parameters have been set, the device recognizes that both hands are immersed and commences treatment. The treatment basins are equipped with an ergonomic and comfortable arm rest.

To change the parameter settings on the control device, one hand can be removed from the basin at any time. The treatment session pauses until both hands are immersed again. The same applies if you interrupt the treatment for a short time. 

The proportions of treatment basins, foam inserts and electrodes conveniently accommodate simultaneous treatment of hands and feet. To this end, both hands are placed in an upper basin and both feet in a lower basin. Due to the larger area with both extremities in one tray, a higher current is required to achieve a current density comparable to the individual treatment. 

 You will find additional useful instructions for use in the FAQ section and in the user manual.

  • Features
  • Delivery
  • Where to source
  • Revocation
  • Free choice of treatment: direct current and pulsed current in one unit
  • Soft, large, and highly conductive silicone electrodes
  • Electrodes with a proportion of highly conductive graphite, ideal for users who are allergic to metals 
  • The absence of open electrode contacts ensures safer dealing with electricity
  • Soft, open-pored foam inserts – very comfortable, quick-drying and machine washable
  • Proprietary ergonomically designed treatment basins
  • Basins/electrodes sufficiently sized for combined hand/foot treatment
  • The combination of basin and foam insert prevents water from sloshing around
  • Breathable textile bag for storage
  • Wide range power adapter for traveling

Item name – Item No.

Saalio® DE (Hands & Feet) - 07-01-000-01

1 control unit
2 treatment basins
2 silicone basin electrodes
2 foam inserts
2 electrode cables
1 wide range power adapter
1 user manual
1 textile bag

Accessory Electrodes for Saalio® DE (Hands & Feet)

  • Saalio® set of silicone electrodes for underarms with sponge pads (1 pair) - 07-01-007-02
  • Saalio® face electrode - 07-01-007-28

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The therapeutic effect of the Saalio® device is slightly delayed (FAQ). The extended 4-week cancellation period affords every end-user sufficient time to verify success of this therapy for himself or herself and be convinced by the quality of the device. For additional information, we refer to our general terms and cancellation policy.