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Saalio® for the Face

In contrast to other parts of the body, excessive sweating in the face cannot be concealed. The resulting stress only exacerbates the already elevated sweat production. Very frequently, sweat appears in the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, upper lip, and chin).

The application of tap water Iontophoresis to the face is more challenging than the application to hands, feet and underarms. The surface of the face is very curved so that the usual flat electrode systems are little or not at all suitable.

Saalio® Face Electrode: anatomically preformed & soft

The anatomically designed Saalio® face electrode facilitates the extended application of tap water Iontophoresis to the face. The shaped mask made of soft fleece adjusts extensively and most of all virtually effortlessly to the contour of the face. The mask completely covers the particularly critical T-zone, including the nose. Moreover, compared to a wet cloth, the multi-layer construction ensures higher flexibility and pliability of the water-soaked mask.

Saalio® Forehead Electrode

The Saalio® forehead electrode is a modification of the facial electrode and allows the more targeted treatment of the forehead if required. Another advantage: less affected areas of the face are not unnecessarily treated with electricity.

Innovative and Unique - Integrated Graphite Fibers

An unique characteristic of the Saalio® face electrode is the generous addition of graphite fibers to the mask. This ensures that electricity is evenly introduced over the entire surface of the face which prevents local current spikes. The softness of the graphite fibers ensures that the face mask maintains its flexibility and pliability.


While the face mask represents the electrical contact surface with the unit, the hands or feet (basin) are required as secondary contact surface so that electricity can flow through the body. In principle, this configuration resembles the application for the combined hand/foot treatment.

Additional contraindications for the application of the face mask are metal implants in the head region (e.g. dental implants or inlays) and skin disorders of the face.

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  • Anatomically shaped face and forhead electrode
  • Face electrode covers the whole T-zone (forehead, nose, upper lip, and chin)
  • For head circumferences from 52 up to 62 cm (velcro fastener)
  • Electrode dimensions:
      Face electrode: 28 x 23 cm
      Forehead electrode: 26,5 x 9 cm
  • Natural-colored cotton fleece, free of coloring agents and preservatives, very soft and pliable in water-soaked condition 
  • Crafted with the addition of highly conductive graphite fibres – homogenous introduction of electricity, ideal for users with metal allergies
  • The absence of open electrode contacts ensures safer dealing with electricity
  • Hands or feet as counter electrode are required, rapid interruption of treatment possible anytime 
  • Free choice of treatment: direct current and pulsed current in one unit
  • Warranty 1 year

Item name - Item No.

Saalio® face electrode - 07-01-028-01
Saalio® forehead electrode - 07-01-028-04

(including user manual for Saalio® textile electrodes)


To be operated with the following device configurations:

  • Saalio® DE (Hands & Feet)
  • Saalio® AX (Underarms) plus Saalio® basin set for hands & feet

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The treatment effect of the Saalio® device is slightly delayed (FAQ). The extended 4-week cancellation period affords every end-user sufficient time to verify success of this therapy for himself or herself and be convinced by the quality of the device. For additional information, we refer to our general terms and cancellation policy.