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Saalio® for additional Body Regions

In individual cases, hyperhidrosis can afflict other body regions that go beyond the typical sites like hands, feet, underarms and face. These include in particular the neck, back, chest, abdomen and also the buttocks. Even in these cases, the innovative Saalio® textile electrodes facilitate a targeted treatment of the afflicted areas according to individual requirements..

Saalio® Neck Electrode

The neck is treated with the special pre-shaped Saalio® neck electrode. It effortlessly adapts to the curved neck contour when wet. A treatment tray with hands or feet in it is used as a counter electrode. 

Saalio® Body Electrodes

Larger body areas such as back, chest, and abdomen can be treated with a pair of flat electrodes, each the size of a DIN A5 sheet (approx. half letter size). A flexible strap fixes the distance of the two electrodes to each other as well as to the body. Thus, the electrodes can be easily placed even in hard to reach back regions. Due to the considerable weight of the wet textile electrodes, the treatment session is preferably to be carried out while lying down.

Saalio® Universal Electrode

The Saalio® universal electrode is a flat electrode the size of a DIN A5 sheet (approx. half letter size) which facilitates the flexible treatment of other body regions. The softness of the wet electrode ensures a homogenous introduction of electricity into the skin. A second universal electrode, a neck electrode or else a treatment tray with inserted hands or feet can serve as counter electrode.

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  • Anatomically pre-shaped neck electrode, dimensions appr. 20.5 x 11 cm
  • Body electrodes (pair) with adjustable strap, dimensions each 21 x 15 cm
  • Universal electrode, dimensions 21 x 15 cm
  • Natural-colored cotton fleece, free of coloring agents and preservatives, very soft and pliable when wet
  • Equipped with conductive graphite fibers – homogenous introduction of electricity
  • Free choice of treatment: direct current and pulsed current in one unit
  • Warranty: 1 year

Item name - Item No.

Saalio® Neck electrode - 07-01-028-03
Saalio® Body electrodes (pair) - 07-01-028-05
Saalio® Universal electrode - 07-01-028-02

(each including manual for Saalio® textile electrodes)


Use with the following device configurations:

  • Saalio® DE (hands & feet)
  • Saalio® AX (armpits) plus Saalio® tray for hands and feet

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The therapeutic effect of the Saalio® device is slightly delayed (FAQ). The extended 4-week cancellation period allows every customer sufficient time to examine the therapeutic outcome and quality of the device for himself or herself. For hygienic reasons, Saalio® textile electrodes are excluded from return or exchange once they have been used. For additional information, we refer to our general terms and cancellation policy.